In November 2019, well completion and construction providers Keane Energy Group and C&J Energy Ser­vices merged to form NexTier Oilfield Solutions, estab­lishing one of the largest U.S. land-focused completion companies in North America. NexTier operates in every major U.S. shale basin, with its largest position being in the Permian Basin. The company deploys more than 2 million horsepower of pressure pumping services among its 45 frac fleets. NexTier also holds 118 wireline units and 25 coiled tubing units across the U.S.

NexTier CEO Robert Drummond recently provided Hart Energy with an exclusive interview in which he discussed industry recovery dynamics, particularly for the oilfield services (OFS) sector, and how NexTier has positioned itself to emerge from the current industry downturn.

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