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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Hinda Gharbi, executive vice president of service and equipment with Schlumberger, said the company was already focused on changing industry dynamics. Priorities were being shifted within the industry, and operators and service companies alike had begun to shift their long-term plans.

“With the current pandemic, we believe these trends have only accelerated,” she said in an exclusive video interview for E&P Plus.

So what shifts are needed? Gharbi points to several factors that will shape the dynamics of the industry going forward. In particular, she discussed operation efficiencies, capital deployment and overall responsiveness to the changing imperatives.

“We must innovate and transform to address the customer challenges,” she said of Schlumberger’s path forward in a new normal.

In this interview, she also discussed the industry’s history and future of innovation, differentiating yourself from others, digitalization, creating value and more.

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In this exclusive video for Hart Energy, Schlumberger’s Hinda Gharbi details the dynamics of the path forward for the oil and gas industry.