Enterprise Products Partners (EPD) is gauging customer interest for increased diluent service, the company announced June 3.

EPD affiliate Enterprise TE Products began a binding open season on its 20-inch line, which begins in Mont Belvieu, Texas, and terminates in the Chicago area. The line connects to several third-party lines that provide access to Canadian diluent markets.

The open season began June 4 and ends July 3. If Enterprise receives enough interest from the open season, the service is scheduled to be available by July 2025, according to a press release from Enterprise.

Diluent is a light hydrocarbon mixture that shippers blend with heavy crude to reduce the heavy crude’s viscosity, making it more efficient to ship by pipeline.

According to the press release, Enterprise said that adding new customers would not affect existing shippers on the TE pipeline system. The company plans to increase capacity through upgrades along the system and improving the power of the line’s pumps.