EnergyFunders Launches New Investment Funds Targeting Oil, Gas Projects and Bitcoin Mining

EnergyFunders is the first-ever digital platform offering access to direct oil and gas investments and off-grid Bitcoin mines.

Hart Energy Staff

EnergyFunders has opened two new energy and Bitcoin funds, available to accredited investors, the company said on Jan. 25. The company is building upon the recent success of their Yield Fund I—its largest fundraising effort to date.

The Wildcat Pioneer Fund will invest in unproven, undrilled oil and gas wells. The Fund’s strategy draws upon the geological and engineering acumen of the EnergyFunders team, including veteran geologist and CEO Laura Pommer. The company will also consult with trusted third party analysts in assessing geological, engineering and financial risk. With proper due diligence, the company believes it can offset the greater risks of wildcatting by identifying prospects with excellent upside potential.

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