Energy Transition Trailblazers: Embracing Change

Here’s a look at Siemens Energy’s approach to the energy transition and how others across the oil and gas industry can successfully navigate the changes too.

Jennifer Hooper, Siemens Energy
Energy Transition Trailblazers: Embracing Change

The oil and gas industry has a critical role to play in the success of the global energy transition. However, it has become clear that old ways of working—despite having been successful in the past—will have to change dramatically, writes Jennifer Hooper, senior vice president of industrial applications process solutions for Siemens Energy. (Source: Siemens Energy)

The oil and gas industry looks vastly different than it did just two years ago. From digital transformation to decarbonization, companies across the value chain are reevaluating how they do business.

There is no question that the pace of the energy transition has accelerated; perhaps much faster than many expected. This, along with the global pandemic, has presented complex challenges for the industry, but they are by no means insurmountable. 

On the operational side, companies from upstream to downstream are making tremendous progress in reducing emissions by applying new technologies and methods. Innovation will undoubtedly continue and be a key driver on the journey to a low-carbon future. 

While the human element of the transition is often given less attention, it is equally as important. To this end, organizations must begin to think differently about how they approach workforce development and how they engage with their partners and customers. After all, it is people and ideas that are the true catalysts for change. 

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