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The 87th Texas Legislative session concluded on May 31 and, as usual, there was a lot of left to decipher and analyze throughout the summer months. This year’s session; however, was not so usual. As Martin Hubert, principal, senior vice president and counsel at Cornerstone Government Affairs, working in the firm’s Austin office, pointed out in this episode of Energy Policy Watch, this year’s session was made quite a bit challenging by COVID-19 and the Texas winter storm and power outages.  

Coming on the heels of a national power change in the White House and in Congress, the Texas Legislature engages in what has been described as its most conservative session ever, according to Hubert.  A number of bills passed through the session on religious, social and business issues that were championed by the conservative majority, Hubert told his colleague Jack Belcher.

Hubert had several other insights into the session and discussed them in more detail with Belcher for this episode.

Jump to topic:

  • A new budget for the State of Texas (2:11)
  • Bills to reform ERCOT (3:12)
  • Addressing natural gas issues during the power outages (4:23)
  • Eminent Domain legislation (5:21)
  • Carbon capture and storage (CCUS) (6:48)
  • Methane emissions and flaring (8:12)
  • Oil and gas provisions that were addressed by the legislature (8:47)
  • Minimizing federal policy effects on Texas oil and gas (10:48)
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