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It may seem like Rep. Lizzie Fletcher (D-TX 7th) is in a unique position in the House of Representative as a pro-energy Democrat from the heart of the “Energy Capital of the World.”

Lizzie Fletcher, Hart Energy, Energy Policy Watch
U.S. Rep. Lizzie Fletcher (D-TX, 7th)


TX-7th (West Houston and unincorporated Harris County to Katy)

2018, 2020

House Committee on Energy & Commerce, House Science & Technology Committee

Representing West Houston, Fletcher knows the importance of sound energy policy that addresses the complexities of the domestic energy future to the country and to her home district. (Full disclosure: Hart Energy is headquartered in Fletcher’s congressional district.) But, Fletcher says there is a diversity of opinions on energy, even within in the Democratic caucus.

She, herself, has opposed recent moves by the Biden administration to limit oil and gas drilling.  “I opposed the President’s executive order to slow down new oil and gas drilling permits on federal lands, and I also don’t believe we should be slowing down oil and gas offshore,” she told Cornerstone Government Affairs’ Jack Belcher in this edition of Energy Policy Watch.

Fletcher, co-chair of the natural gas caucus and a member of the oil and gas caucus, added, “Experts agree that demand is going to continue to grow and it comes down to who do we want producing oil and gas. Companies here in the United States know how to produce cleaner energy on our lands and off of our shores.”

“In my view, the best thing we can do for everyone is to de-politicize the conversation about our energy future.”

—Rep. Lizzie Fletcher (D-TX 7th)

In this conversation Fletcher also addresses climate and energy policy likely to pass through Congress, identifying areas of bipartisan support, and finding shared values and objectives in energy policy.


  • Rep Fletcher’s perspective on the energy future (1:06)
  • Excitement, uncertainty and the complexity of energy policy today (2:18)
  • Challenges of being a pro-energy Democrat in Congress (2:57)
  • Diversity of opinions and experience on energy in the Democratic caucus (3:38)
  • Bringing the perspective of the ‘Energy Capital of the World’ to the discussion in Washington, D.C. (4:46)
  • Climate and energy legislation that is likely to pass through Congress (5:27)
  • Modernizing the energy market and infrastructure, and addressing market barriers (6:50)
  • Areas of bipartisan support and investment (7:46)
  • The importance of technology and innovation to meeting climate challenges (8:29)
  • Addressing concern about President Biden’s recent oil and gas executive orders (10:44)
  • Emphasizing the importance of sound policy on permitting (11:05)
  • Finding shared values and shared objectives in energy policy (12:15)

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