SkyX has been revolutionizing the way aerial data is acquired, analyzed and actioned since 2016 and is currently putting that expertise to work in the oil patch to help companies tackle emissions reduction targets.

The Toronto-based company recently partnered with Denbury Inc. to monitor portions of Denbury’s extensive EOR asset base and carbon capture, use and storage pipeline infrastructure in the U.S. Gulf Coast through a multiyear asset monitoring agreement.

“Most oil and gas companies are struggling with the same problems and issues with their pipelines and oil fields,” Jamie Alexander, head of product for SkyX, told Hart Energy. “Ultimately, the solution that we brought to bear with Denbury can work with any size operator, not just in North America but globally.”

As part of SkyX’s complete aerial monitoring solution, SkyX develops both hardware and software to systematically monitor assets including those that cover huge areas of terrain. In late September, the company launched SkyVision 2.0, an enhanced version of the company’s original SkyVision system and also the only aerial data software designed specifically to help oil and gas companies maintain the integrity of aging pipelines and detect theft.

“A lot of the oil and gas companies have aging infrastructure and they have various ways that they’re monitoring their assets but often they do fall short and can lead to potential environmental concerns,” he said. “A big focus for us is to help our customers identify any challenges they may have with their assets before they turn into larger problems.”

Under its agreement with Denbury announced in August, SkyX will deploy a fleet of long-range aerial unmanned autonomous vehicles to acquire high-quality aerial data that, when processed and analyzed by SkyX’s SkyVision software, provides Denbury with a clear, detailed snapshot of asset health and environmental conditions surrounding its assets.

An oil-focused producer known for its in CO₂ EOR technical expertise, Denbury has operations in the Rocky Mountains and Gulf Coast region. The Houston-based company also recently launched a carbon solutions business building on its decades of experience utilizing CO₂ in its EOR operations. 

“We’re flying above five of their oil fields and one of their pipelines ... to allow them to stay on top of any potential integrity issues they have with their pipeline,” Alexander said. “It really helps complement the existing programs they have in place to monitor their pipelines and just give them another set of insights into their assets.”

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