Energy ESG: ESG Ratings an Opportunity for Companies

Vic Svec, managing director of ESG services for Alvarez and Marsal, shares key takeaways energy companies should keep in mind when it comes to ESG ratings.

Vic Svec

With hundreds of rating services out there, how do you choose which is right for your company? “Understand them and close the gap on what you’re disclosing and what your internal policies are,” said Vic Svec, managing director, ESG services, for Alvarez and Marsal.

In this exclusive video interview with senior development editor Brandy Fidler, Svec discusses how ESG ratings are an opportunity for companies to “differentiate themselves from others and to really put their best foot forward.”

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Brandy Fidler

Brandy Fidler is a senior development editor at Hart Energy. She joined Hart Energy in October 2014.