Jordan Blum, editorial director, Hart Energy: All gas is not created equal. Will Waha pricing in the Permian dip into negative territory? Find out in this Energy Distillery episode with Hart Energy LIVE.

The oily Permian is booming, but not all of the associated gas has places to go. Meanwhile, the Haynesville gas is flowing much easier.

Jack Weixel, senior director, East Daley Analytics: Two big things to watch out for this week, one of which is occurring in the Permian. That being the lack of price. So price is about $2.65 back of Henry Hub and that is really weak. What we're seeing there is the potential for negative prices next week as maintenance on Gulf Coast Express and other pipelines begins to ramp up. In the Hayesville—a little different situation. Record flows there at least since May with flows up to 13.2 Bcf/d. Because fee gas demand has been going bonkers lately. Over 14 Bcf/d on many days this month, and really pressing the need for more gas to come out of the basins despite flat to declining producer guidance.

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