Encore Green Environmental Technologies & Licensing (EGETL) purchased Fountain Quail water treatment technology and equipment formerly known as NOMAD, which it said adds a proven desalination system.

“Skid-mounted NOMAD desalination technology is the most capable, reliable and energy efficient technology available to treat industrial by-product water,” commented Darren Smith, CTO at EGETL’s sister company Encore Green Environmental, in a release. “It's held that title for almost 20 years, and remains the only proven and cost-effective thermal evaporator available at commercial scale. Combined with our Conservation By-Design™ methodology, this is the energy industry’s way forward for ESG.”

The purchase, for an undisclosed amount with from XRI which had acquired Fountain Quail in 2019, was expected to have closed June 21.

“We see this as a win-win, not just for the oil industry and agriculture, but also for water midstream companies looking for ESG-friendly ways to remove produced water from well sites,” Smith added.

EGETL is an industry leader in repurposing produced water for environmentally responsible restoration of agricultural lands based in Cheyenne, Wyo. The company is currently permitted in Wyoming to operate systems for treating produced water to irrigate and improve soil health in pastures and croplands in this arid region. It can use onsite-produced natural gas to economically power the treatment systems, according to its release.

However, EGETL also noted in the release that their process goes beyond just watering rangeland. EGETL’s partner organizations, the Carbon Asset Network (CAN) and the nonprofit Synergy for Ecological Solutions (SYNERGY) have developed a volunteer, non-governmental funding method of sustainable agriculture.

SYNERGY, for example, collects donations from individuals and companies interested in donating towards soil health, which leads to climate wellness. The organization then grants those funds to CAN, which forwards them to qualifying sustainable farmers and ranchers who lack funding needed to pay for new procedures or sustainably engineered equipment. 

CAN helps landowners understand and implement ESG-friendly practices. The group made the first grant to a Land Steward in Wyoming on June 16 for which will be used to help improve soil health.

“With our sister companies, this new purchase accelerates our ability to serve our agricultural partners,” John Robitaille, CEO of Encore Green Environmental and a director of CAN, said in a statement. 

As part of Fountain Quail, NOMAD generated more than 30 million barrels of produced water over the years. Adding this system gives EGETL a more economically efficient method of adding desalination to its treatment of produced water, according to the release. 

“By cleaning by-product industrial water for surface application, we create a new source of water for the arid west,” Robitaille continued. “This exponentially improves soil health, trapping more carbon in the soil and roots and removing more carbon from our air.”

EGETL expects to evaluate and further improve the existing NOMAD technology. The company is also working with authorities in other states including Texas, New Mexico, Utah and others for permits to deploy its services and technology in those regions, the release said.