Encino Environmental Holdings LLC, a provider of source emissions testing, leak detection and analytics for the energy sector, announced today its strategic majority investment in SENSIA Solutions, an infrared imaging technology and AI-based solutions provider.

This investment will accelerate SENSIA’s growth and brings together Encino's expertise in energy operations, emissions monitoring, analysis and mitigation services and SENSIA’s AI-powered Optical Gas Imaging (AI-OGI) camera technology.

"Energy producers with complex operations are increasingly discovering they need more powerful tools and analytical frameworks to achieve their environmental performance goals," CEO of Encino Environmental, Scott McCurdy, said in a press release. "SENSIA Solutions AI-OGI cameras, combined with their Redlook smart monitoring software platform, enhance and complement Encino’s existing offerings, that include satellite, ground and mobile emissions monitoring and quantification solutions."

SENSIA IR technology is used in safety and security applications in different industries, which will allow Encino to expand its unique offerings into additional sectors and geographic markets. SENSIA AI-OGI systems enhance Encino’s current capabilities of delivering a comprehensive suite of solutions for improved emissions detection and real time quantification of methane emissions. It also adds Destructive and Removal Efficiency (DRE) capabilities for flares for oil and gas operators, biogas operators, landfill gas producers and pipeline transporters.

SENSIA IR cameras are currently deployed within Encino’s Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) service line for compliance with state and federal regulations, including OOOOa. SENSIA AI-OGI capabilities include handheld units as well as fixed camera systems, which are used in Encino’s patented mobile emissions monitoring units, aboard drones and other surveillance aircraft.

Encino will function as the primary distributor of SENSIA IR cameras to the North American energy industry.