An ever-sharper focus on environmental targets and emissions reduction efforts is accelerating the emergence of new trends, including the adoption of electric hydraulic fracturing as demonstrated by a recent contract to Texas-based Evolution Well Services.

On Jan. 20, Evolution Well Services said it had struck a two-year deal to provide electric fracking services to what it described as a “leading” shale producer. Evolution’s sales director, Nick Ruppelt, told Hart Energy that the work would be carried out in the Marcellus Shale. The name of the service firm’s client is expected to emerge in the coming weeks.

News of the contract comes as shale producers–like other parts of the oil and gas industry–are under increasing pressure to demonstrate their environmental credentials. Electric fracking, in particular, is being looked at as a means of reaching these sustainability targets as it enables producers to use their own natural gas output as fuel for fracking fleets, instead of diesel, resulting in both cost savings and emissions reductions.

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