NEW YORKOil output in the Permian in Texas and New Mexico, the biggest U.S. shale oil basin, is due to rise 79,000 bbl/d to a record 5.408 MMbbl/d in September, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) said in its productivity report on Aug. 15.

Total output in the major U.S. shale oil basins will rise 141,000 bbl/d to 9.049 MMbbl/d in September, the highest since March 2020, the statistical arm of the Department of Energy projected.

In the Bakken in North Dakota and Montana, the EIA forecast oil output will rise 21,000 bbl/d to 1.157 MMbbl/d in September, the most since November 2021.

In the Eagle Ford in South Texas, output will rise 26,000 bbl/d to 1.230 MMbbl/d in September, its highest since April 2020.

Total natural gas output in the big shale basins will increase 0.673 Bcf/d to a record 93.835 Bcf/d in September, the EIA forecast.

In the biggest shale gas basin in Appalachia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia, output will rise to 35.486 Bcf/d in September, the highest since hitting a record near 36.0 Bcf/d in December 2021.

Gas output in the Permian and the Haynesville in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas will also rise to record highs of 20.584 Bcf/d and 15.835 Bcf/d in September, respectively.