Regardless of the myriad of factors clouding the industry’s future, the Haynesville shale basin is well-positioned for both the near- and long-term.

That was the early message from both analysts and operators at Hart Energy’s DUG Haynesville Conference and Exhibition in Shreveport, La., on May 27 citing the shale play’s economics plus growing global demand for natural gas and rapidly increasing takeaway capacity.

Emily McClain, North American gas markets analyst for Rystad Energy, explained that gross gas production for the Haynesville region will reach more than 12 Mmcf/d by the end of the year. McClain pointed to the favorable wellhead economics the Haynesville provides, with Tier 1 acreage breakeven prices at $2.21/MMbtu. Even Tier 3 and 4 acreage positions offer competitive wellhead prices at just above $2.50/MMbtu, she said.

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