Deep Well Services (DWS) and CNX Resources Corp. are launching a new oilfield services joint venture (JV) company, AutoSep Technologies, the companies said on April 24.

The JV will combine CNX’s technological development capabilities with Deep Well’s service quality standers to provide automated conventional flowback operations to the oil and gas industry.

The partnership’s first product offering is an automated flowback system for modern, high rate unconventional shale wells, according to the press release. The companies said the new system can be deployed quicker and with less labor involved, as well as reduce costs, improve safety and lower environmental impact.

"Benefits include remote operation and monitoring through SCADA and closed-circuit cameras that feed to a central control center located outside of safety red zones,” David Mulvihill, chief strategy officer of Deep Well Services, said in the press release. “This also automates data collection, allowing customers to access data in real-time through DWS' industry leading BoreSite system."

AutoSep’s automated control unit eliminates methane emissions with a fully sealed flowback, including sand trap blowdowns, as well as during simultaneous operations. AutoSep will be a standalone company operated by DWS.