Martin Water Midstream named De Nora Neptune partner of choice for a new Permian Basin development, according to a press announcement on Oct. 11.

Under the partnership, Martin Water will deploy De Nora's ClorTec technology alongside its stationary and mobile recycle centers.

Expected to be completed in November, the project includes the development of several 1-MMbbl holding pits in Martin County of the Permian Basin to treat produced water with sodium hypochlorite on-site.

“De Nora Neptune is the greenest and safest technology on the market, eliminating the need for dangerous or hazardous chemicals on-site," Martin Water Midstream CEO Matt Morgan commented in the release.

"Aside from this being a huge environmental win that keeps our employees and community safe, using this oxidant is also helping us save money across the board," he continued.

According to Morgan, the companies aim to recycle over 300,000 bbl/d of water with the deployment of this technology, as well as 20 miles of pipeline.

"We are excited to pioneer this innovative technology largescale, which has the potential to make a significant impact on the sector, and hope resulting KPIs [key performance indicators] inspire others to make the switch to replace freshwater usage as well," he added.

The ClorTec technology combines three inputs - U.S.-sourced salt, water and electricity - to generate a 0.8% sodium oxidant and produce a non-hazardous solution to kill 99.9% of all bacteria, including hydrogen sulfide, one of the most common contaminants plaguing the oil and gas industry.

Martin Water Midstream intends to use the recycled water for future drills while eliminating the need for saltwater disposal sites and saving freshwater sources of water.

Using the technology can cost approximately 25% of what would be required to treat produced water with bulk bleach per gallon, according to the company.