Crestwood Equity Partners published their fifth annual sustainability report, entitled “Responsible Growth. Authentic Advancement,” the company said in a June 5 press release.

In the report, the company highlights the various progress made in achieving ESG goals, such as methane emissions intensity rates and Crestwood’s DEI performance, as well as steps the company has taken to balance responsible growth with sustainability objectives.

"Crestwood proactively integrated ESG risks into our transaction underwriting process through the creation of a comprehensive ESG due diligence risk register,” said Robert G. Phillips, the founder, chairman and CEO of Crestwood’s general partner. “Additionally, we developed a carbon acquisition/divestiture protocol to effectively manage emissions associated with acquisitions and divestitures."

Implemented measures include:

  • Maintaining a board composition of 89% independent directors for diversity;
  • A 5% reduction in methane emissions from 2021 levels and a 58% reduction from 2018 levels;
  • Donating $1.5 million to local communities in 2022;
  • Achieving inclusion in the 2023 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for Crestwood’s third consecutive year; and
  • Achieving recognition as the #1 ESG program by the buy-side and the sell-side in the Institutional Investor All American Executive Team Survey for second consecutive year.

Joanne Howard, senior vice president of ESG and corporate communications at Crestwood, said the road to meeting sustainability goals is a lengthy one, but “we remain dedicated to integrating our acquired assets into our leading ESG practices.”