While getting oil out of shale is not as impossible as say getting blood out of a turnip, it can be quite costly and not always as straightforward as an investor might expect. Producers are getting better at sorting out the producing stages from nonproducing ones. Options like fiber-optic sensing, production logging, DNA sequencing and chemical-soluble tracers have all had a role in better delineating production. However, there is always room for another option in the toolbox.

“If you look at the comparative technology landscape for flow profiling, 99% of all shale wells have no stage-by-stage flow profile information. Completion and reservoir engineers need to better understand what is happening with production down to the stage level on a regular basis,” QuantumPro CEO Talgat Shokanov shared with E&P. “Most of the technologies on the market are tailored for very costly deployment that requires downhole modification to the completion design or necessitate intervention.”

QuantumPro offers an alternative for determining flow in the form of its smart tracers. The tracers, according to Shokanov, are an inexpensive and efficient way to perform flow-based analysis that provides near-real-time results.

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