Completion Technology: The Art Of Diversion

From increasing unconventional oil and gas reservoir access to fortifying well defenses, the time of diverters has arrived.

Completion Technology: The Art Of Diversion

Enventure’s Eseal RF liners are designed to extend the life of a well and enhance production in poor performing wells. (Photo Courtesy of Enventure)

The heterogeneous nature of the subsurface across U.S. unconventional oil and gas plays requires operators to engineer well completion schemes that can vary wildly from location to location, even in the same geographical region.

The cocktails are catered to allow maximum reservoir stimulation without jeopardizing the integrity of the well itself. The hydraulic fracturing process is designed to separate and free hydrocarbons from shale rock allowing them to flow freely to the surface, but it is a process that must be managed efficiently and economically to reap the greatest reward.

No two fractures are alike. Some penetrations into the reservoir can move great distances from the wellbore, while others may not migrate as far due again to the overall formation makeup.

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