CNX Resources Corp. and ICE Thermal Harvesting LLC are partnering to generate 100% emissions-free, locally-sourced power for CNX operations, CNX announced in a Jan. 24 press release. 

ICE Thermal Harvesting turns waste heat from client operations into decentralized renewable power to improve energy efficiency, according to ICE’s website. Phase One of the joint project will utilize ICE technology to capture and convert engine exhaust heat from CNX’s Dry Ridge compressor station in West Virginia for ICE’s heat-to-power systems. 

"Capturing waste heat from compressor stations enables CNX to generate locally-sourced, zero-emission power for our operations and further reduce overall emissions,” said Ravi Srivastava, CNX president of new technologies, in the release. “Our initial pilot project with ICE makes good business and environmental sense – and it's part of our Appalachia First vision to identify and deploy innovative technologies that drive operational efficiencies, environmental progress and commercial excellence."

CNX Resources to Enhance Technology, Local Community in Appalachia

The project is expected to produce approximately half a megawatt of sustainable electricity for CNX operations. Phase One is expected to reduce 1,325 metric tons of CO2 annually, with later phases expected to reduce nearly 4,000 metric tons of CO2 annually. 

Phases Two and Three will see additional systems installed at Dry Ridge following a successful Phase One. 

“ICE Thermal Harvesting sees opportunity where others see waste,” said co-founder of ICE Carrie Murtland. “We're proud to partner with CNX, a proven sustainability leader, to deploy our heat-to-power systems that generate reliable zero-emission power. Working alongside innovators like CNX, we continue to demonstrate that energy producers can cost-effectively address on-site power needs while reducing carbon emissions."

Based in the Appalachia Basin, CNX is a low carbon intensive natural gas development, production, midstream and technology company.