CNX Forms Partnership to Capture Methane Emissions for Production of AirCarbon

CNX Resources will aid in Newlight Technologies' production of AirCarbon, a biodegradable alternative to plastic, by providing processed methane emissions to be used in the formation of the product.

Hart Energy Staff
CNX Resources, Newlight Technologies

The production of AirCarbon will benefit both CNX Resources' and Newlight Technologies' decarbonization efforts, as well as lower plastic pollution. (Source: Maciej Bledowski /

CNX Resources Corp. announced on July 14 a 15-year partnership with Newlight Technologies Inc. to capture methane emissions to be used in the production of AirCarbon, according to a joint press release.

Under the agreement, CNX will process captured methane and deliver it to Newlight, who will acquire contractual rights to a portion of the gas to use in the production of AirCarbon. The delivery of the methane  is similar to how solar, wind and renewable natural gas are delivered contractually through new and existing grid infrastructure, allowing for large-scale carbon emissions and plastic pollution reduction.

CNX expects that the partnership will result in the development of several manufacturing facilities in the Appalachian Basin to support Newlight's manufacturing needs, as well as boost the area's economic activity, capital investment and job growth and the company's decarbonization initiatives.

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