Phase 2 of CNOOC’s operated Lufeng oilfield development project in the eastern South China Sea has begun production, the company said on Jan. 3.

The project, located in an average water depth of 136 m, consists of Lufeng 8-1, Lufeng 9-2 and Lufeng 14-8.

CNOOC said one new drilling platform was built for the project and that 14 development wells are planned, including 13 production wells and one water injection well.

CNOOC expects the project to achieve peak production of 22,600 bbl/d in 2025.

CNOOC Ltd. operates the project with 100% interest.

In September, the Lufeng 12-3 field started production. It is operated by SK Earthon with 39.2% interest on behalf of CNOOC, with 60.8% interest.