ChampionX LLC enacted a supply surcharge on products shipped to its Chemical Technologies customers, according to a company press release on April 11.

“The energy industry has been impacted by increasing global unrest in addition to an already constrained supply environment, which have all combined to drive ongoing high inflation. That has made it necessary for us to take this step,” Chemical Technologies COO and president Deric Bryant said in the company release.

The surcharge is being implemented for Chemical Technologies customers, effective immediately, until permanent pricing agreements are put into place that reflect the current cost environment.

“This will enable us to continue serving customers seamlessly and support security of supply for their operations,” Bryant said.

Sugar Land, Texas-based ChampionX LLC, a subsidiary of ChampionX Corp., provides products that efficiently function throughout the lifecycle of the well with a focus on the production phase of wells.

“We appreciate the continued trust and support our customers place in us and look forward to continuing to deliver value for them in the months and years ahead,” Bryant added.