France-based CGG and Malaysia’s Petronas announced the start of the Selat Melaka 2D multi- client seismic data program over the Langkasuka Basin offshore Malaysia, CGG said Nov. 15.

The project, located in the Malacca Strait, received industry funding and will deliver early products in December 2023 and final results in August 2024, according to the company.

CGG said experts at its Kuala Lumpur subsurface imaging center will apply its latest full-waveform inversion and Q- tomography imaging technologies—an extension of 3D migration-based tomography—to provide better regional understanding of the petroleum systems in the “underexplored” Langkasuka Basin, focusing on the prospective pre-tertiary target.

“Petronas continues to invest in data enrichment for Malaysian basins, like the emerging Langkasuka Basin,” said Mohamed Firouz Asnan, senior vice president of Malaysia petroleum management at Petronas. “Initiatives such as this multi-client seismic survey is expected to attract exploration interests to support the country’s production growth strategy.”

CGG Malaysia Map
Location of the 2D multi-client seismic program Offshore Malaysia. (Source: CGG)