U.S.-based Casella Waste Systems and Waga Energy have signed an agreement to initially produce about 380 gigawatt hours of renewable natural gas (RNG) per year using Wagabox technology at Casella landfills in northeastern U.S.

Waga said July 11 it will deploy the capital needed to fund the construction of three RNG units, which it will own and operate for 20 years, according to the commercial agreement with Casella.

The company’s Wagabox technology combines the membrane filtration and cryogenic distillation upgrading processes. As explained by Waga, CO2 and impurities from the landfill gas are removed by the membrane filtration. A cryogenic vessel is then used to separate methane from the oxygen and nitrogen, resulting in RNG. The company said the technology recovers 90% of methane gas in landfills.

Operations are scheduled to start in about 24 months.


Energy Transition in Motion (Week of July 14, 2023)