Capturing the Moment: Minimizing Emissions through Carbon Offsets, Capture

Carbon sequestration and offsets are becoming increasingly valuable among oil and gas companies seeking to lower their environmental footprint.

(Source: Hart Energy;

As the energy sector shifts toward a more sustainable future, the expectations thrust upon in it are, in a sense, outpacing innovation.

After all, while oil and gas leaders are expected to target carbon-neutral operations, the technology does not yet exist that would allow them to operate in a net-zero fashion. It means out-of-the-box thinking—and the strategic use of carbon credits and offsets—is necessary for those seeking an equilibrium between operations and environmental responsibility.

Mitigation is nothing new in the energy sector, where companies have for decades been using carbon capture in their EOR operations, pumping CO₂ into the ground as the oil and gas is pumped out.

But during a time of growing regulatory and investor demand for clean energy, companies are increasingly turning to carbon credits, capture and offsets to help shape their overall operational strategies. They’re both exploring how to source from low-carbon vendors to ensure an emissions reduction, and trying to otherwise compensate for those greenhouse gasses.

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