CapturePoint LLC, a Southwestern Energy subsidiary and the E&Ps midstream provider, Energy Transfer, reached an agreement to dedicate CO2 from the Haynesville Shale for sequestration.

CO2 from Southwestern’s Haynesville natural gas processing will be transported for sequestration deep underground in CapturePoint’s Central Louisiana Regional Carbon Storage Hub (CENLA Hub). The CENLA Hub, under development by CapturePoint’s affiliate CapturePoint Solutions LLC, will permanently store captured COin suitable geologic formations in Rapides and Vernon Parishes.

CapturePoint’s CEO Tracy Evans said the agreement provides carbon management solutions for the Haynesville.

“The agreement announced today is another significant milestone for the future success of the CENLA Hub,” Evans said. “Our team has positioned this project on the leading edge of carbon management innovation, and the CENLA Hub is now well on its way to being one of the largest onshore CO2 storage centers in the United States.”

CapturePoint’s data, collected from cores and open hole logs from its stratigraphic well, confirmed that the CENLA Hub can absorb more than 1 billion tons of CO2. The company has filed two permit applications for Class VI carbon sequestration injection well sites in the CENLA Hub, with one located in Louisiana’s Rapides Parish and the other in Vernon Parish. The Vernon Parish application is the first deep underground carbon sequestration project in the nation accepted for FAST-41, the fast-tracking review process across federal agencies.

“Southwestern Energy is committed to meeting growing global demand for reliable, lower-carbon energy,” said Bill Way, Southwestern Energy’s president and CEO. “Through innovation and collaboration with leaders like CapturePoint, we are continuing to minimize our carbon footprint while driving sustainable value creation. We are proud to participate in the CENLA Hub to reduce CO2 emissions in the Haynesville basin, one of our core operating areas.”