Biden to ‘Build Back Better’ Bit by Bit

U.S. President Joe Biden has little recourse to get his climate plan back on track, and he responds to apparent Congressional defeat with bluster, wind project plans.

Biden to ‘Build Back Better’ Bit by Bit

Short of a congressional miracle, it’s unlikely much will be done on climate before the midterms this fall. And if Democrats lose their majority, the odds against the president’s climate plan will become greater. (Source: Image of U.S. President Joe by BiksuTong /

U.S. President Joe Biden’s chances of legislating something meaningful to combat climate change may be lost.

His best opportunity flamed out in recent days with as congressional negotiations came to a screeching halt on a provision to add $300 billion-plus in clean energy tax credits to the July budget reconciliation package.

“There’s nothing really that can be sort of substituted for this,” Evercore policy analyst Tobin Marcus told Hart Energy. “There’s not another kind of tool in the arsenal for Biden—without congressional authorization—that anyone thinks is going to do nearly as much to bolster clean energy.”

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