Baker Hughes announced a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with airport management and operations company Avports to develop, implement and operate onsite microgrid solutions for the airport industry.

Avports focuses on airport innovation and sustainability initiatives that include power resilience and power solutions such as green hydrogen. Baker Hughes’ hydrogen-ready turbines and heat recovery solutions are ideal for microgrid applications and will accelerate the adoption and development of customized microgrids to address each airport’s specific needs.

“Providing a technical and economic roadmap to airports to meet their energy needs of the future is key as an airport management and operations company,” Jorge Roberts, CEO of Avports, said in a press release.

Avports and Baker Hughes aim to create a more sustainable industry that will bring maximum value to airport owners, users and communities.

“The opportunity to bring these solutions to airports, in collaboration with Avports' proven track record in airport management, is very promising as the increasing needs and demands of these infrastructures must be more resilient, efficient and cost-effective,” said Bob Perez, vice president of project development at Baker Hughes.