APA Corp. reached a milestone in its ESG targets as it reduced upstream flaring by 40% across its Egypt operations, the company announced in a press release on Nov. 14.

Through a series of emissions reduction initiatives, including the implementation of gas-moving compressors and flare-to-power generation processes, the company was able to reach its goal earlier than anticipated.

"Our approach to ESG is consistent and intentionally challenging, focusing on near-term actions that drive immediate, high-impact results," president and CEO John J. Christmann IV commented in the release.

APA Corp. Egyptian gas-moving compressors
APA Corp.'s Biruni, Tango and Herunefer-Main early oil processing facilities were identified to need gas compression capacity. (Source: APA Corp.)

"Oil and gas will play a critical role in the global energy mix for decades to come, and we will continue to minimize our environmental impact while meeting rising energy demand," he added. "We are confident in the impact of the steps we are taking to reduce our emissions across operating areas."

APA's compression project included installing new compressors at the Biruni, Tango and Herunefer-Main oil processing facilities that would move flaring gas to sales, increasing production at the fields while reducing emissions.

Additionally, the implementation of flare-to-power processes at the Kalabsha production area allowed APA and its joint venture company, Khalda Petroleum Co., to convert flared gas to power generation, dismissing the need for diesel-based power generation.

"Our dedicated team on the ground relied on their expertise to identify pragmatic solutions to reduce flaring enabling us to help provide energy security for Egyptians by compressing natural gas into sales lines delivering cleaner-burning, affordable energy," Apache Egypt assets vice president and country manager David Chi said in the release.

Moving forward, the company's next ESG goal for Egypt is to eliminate 1 million tonnes of CO2 from its operations over the course of three years.