Pennsylvania-based Air Products said Nov. 6 it plans to build and operate a carbon capture and CO2 treatment facility at its existing hydrogen production plant in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The company said the facility will be the largest of its kind in Europe when the facility is fully operational.

Serving Exxon Mobil Corp. and other customers using the industrial gas company’s hydrogen pipeline network, the facility is expected be onstream in 2026.

Plans are to capture CO2 from Air Products’ existing hydrogen plant and Exxon Mobil’s Rotterdam refinery, according to a news release. The captured CO2 will then by transported, along with CO2 from other industrial sources, to depleted gas fields in the North Sea for permanent storage more than 3 km belowground using the Porthos CO2 transport and storage system.

The facility retrofit comes as major industries turn to cleaner forms of hydrogen production to help lower emissions.

“Industrial companies here are continually looking for ways to realize synergies, create economies of scale, drive energy efficiencies and ultimately decarbonize,” Air Products COO Samir J. Serhan said in the release. “This project fulfils that demand. By sequestering CO2 through Porthos and bringing additional blue hydrogen to ExxonMobil and other customers, we can help generate a cleaner future.”