French industrial gas company Air Liquide on May 24 said it has opened its largest liquid hydrogen production and logistics facility in North Las Vegas, Nevada, to supply growing needs for hydrogen-fueled vehicles.

“While the clean mobility market continues to mature, the plant configuration will also allow for the sale of hydrogen to a wide array of sectors with a range of renewable and low-carbon options for customers,” Air Liquide said in a news release.

The North Las Vegas facility will produce 30 tons of liquid hydrogen per day and will be powered by renewable electricity, according to the release.

The facility can also use renewable natural gas to meet the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard and provide enough hydrogen for over 40,000 fuel-cell vehicles in that state.

Air Liquide’s $250 million investment in the U.S. hydrogen market has created jobs for 700 contractors and 25 people full-time with the plant at full capacity, the company said.