Future historians, we apologize if this timeline is a little messy. Most of the time, to be honest, we weren’t sure what was happening either. However, if it helps, a lookback to October 2020 may be of some use in getting your bearings in the Year of Horrible.

Of course, there was the pandemic, which by October had killed more than 220,000 people in the U.S. But just as emblematic of 2020 was NASA’s successful October launch of a $23 million space toilet.

Hopefully, this will put the duality of 2020 into context. In quiet moments, largely irrelevant things went A-OK while matters of consequence tended to crash and burn. For instance, the same day in October that NASA’s zero-gravity potty passed the quintessential go-no-go, the most powerful and protected man on earth contracted the coronavirus.

Alas, the oil and gas industry could also be viewed through this same split-screen of rationality and glazed-eyed madness.

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