On-Demand: Improving Well Delivery Efficiency through Al-Enhanced Scheduling

For operators, well delivery scheduling is a complex and critical process, with substantial economic impact. Done well, it maximizes the efficient use of costly resources such as rigs, warns of operational risks (such as offset well violations or continuous drilling provision problems), improves organizational responsiveness to operational or business changes, and yields substantial economic benefits. Done poorly, the consequences can be severe: deferred production, cycle time delays, and increased costs.

Optimism in Reservoir Production Forecasting – Impact of Geology, Heterogeneity, Geostatistics, Reservoir Modeling, and Uncertainty

The oil and gas industry uses static and dynamic reservoir models to assess volumetrics and to help evaluate development options via production forecasts.

PESA ESG Knowledge Sharing Program

PESA’s individual ESG knowledge sharing certification program will consist of two full-day seminars held in May and October. The seminars will present ESG best practices within the sector to educate members and cross industry partners on ESG criteria. In addition to these two seminars, participants will engage in prework and individual ESG mentoring programs.

PESA Inclusion & Diversity Business Champion Program: Overview Webinar

The webinar welcomes all who might be interested in incorporating inclusion and diversity into their organization, as well as companies who already have an inclusion and diversity program in place.

PESA: CID Database Training Webinar

Please join PESA for a CID Database Training Webinar.

Reducing Risk of Incidents through Job Safety Analyses

In this webinar, you'll discover how you can conduct a job safety analysis (JSA) to reduce the risk of incidents in hazardous jobs. 

Refining Turnarounds Meet Operational Excellence

With the petroleum industry operating in the sub-$50 bbl environment, terms like operational excellence are working their way into everyday conversations. Combining that with the requirement on oil & gas companies to turnaround production facilities quickly and efficiently and you have the perfect opportunity to drive operational excellence into the turnaround management process. Companies need a single platform that brings together all the information on suppliers, timelines, finances, and commitments to give the turnaround team visibility into the impact of their decisions and exercise operational excellence capabilities.

Technology Development, Disruptive Innovation At Petroleum Industry

The oil industry is in a period of transition during which companies, professionals, governments and academic institutions await what may be a new cycle in oil prices or a complete change in market dynamics due to policies, technologies and CO2 emission regulations.

The Blockchain Door Is Open: Moving Beyond The Basics In Government

Many government leaders have initiated blockchain prototypes, live pilots, and active use case development. However, there is still a limited view of the technology's potential impact on government organizations.