Hart Energy Webinars: Maximizing Uptime with Electrical Resiliency-as-a-Service

As the Oil and Gas Midstream sector faces explosive growth, rising costs, and lofty sustainability goals, a stressed electric grid can no longer guarantee uninterrupted power for midstream operations. Extended power outages due to severe weather, cyber threats, and failures of an aging electric grid are becoming increasingly common, making it critical for industry leaders to find a backup power solution that can support growth.

Enchanted Rock's Electrical Resiliency-as-a-Service (RaaS) business model using dual-purpose microgrids can provide reliable backup power during unplanned outages and take part in grid stability services to significantly lower upfront CAPEX, decrease operations & maintenance costs, and reduce risk.

During this webinar, you will learn: 

  • Understand the challenges that the oil and gas midstream sector is facing  
  • How RaaS can help midstream companies maintain operational continuity during extended outages 
  • How RaaS can help you reduce costs and risks associated with traditional backup power solutions 
  • Gain insights into why the "as a service" business model is gaining popularity for Electrical Resiliency solutions.

You should attend this session if you are an executive responsible for ensuring your company's operations are resilient and prepared for power outages, or you are responsible for maintaining pipeline operations and continuity.

Meet the Speaker:

Eric Castro, Global Account Director, Enchanted Rock

  • Eric works extensively within all segments of the oil & gas industries at Enchanted Rock. Previously, Eric worked at Siemens Energy & Mitsubishi Power where he was responsible for power generation and compression solutions for the Oil & Gas market. This previous experience in those markets parallels the markets in which Enchanted Rock participates. Eric is an alumnus of Texas A&M University and has an Engineering degree in Industrial Distribution.


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