Hart Energy Webinars: Gain insight into complex emission challenges with Kuva's methane imaging solutions.

This webinar on April 6 at 11:00 AM CDT will discuss the complex challenges that occur with operations as it relates to methane leaks and how Kuva Solutions can help determine what caused the event. How the repair process can be expedited and how expensive false alarms can be eliminated.

In this webinar, you’ll learn more about:

  • How the Kuva solution can help operations gain valuable insight into their processes for methane leaks
  • That many methane releases are intermittent and emissions monitoring programs today do not effectively capture these
  • The challenges associated with false alarms from methane emissions monitoring solutions
  • How repairs can be expedited with images that pinpoint the leak.
  • The effects of weather on Methane Emissions Monitoring technology

Meet the Speaker:

Robert Ward, VP Business Development, Kuva Systems

  • Native of Texas, Robert has been part of the oil & gas industry for ~30 years, focusing on problem-solving and various technology initiatives in the realm of measurement operations, production optimization, enterprise SCADA, telemetry, and connectivity. He spent over a decade where he pioneered the introduction and adoption of Control Microsystems’ SCADAPack as well as solutions from Accutech Wireless, Trio DataCom, and ClearSCADA. Since 2016, Robert has been active in accelerating the adoption of several newer technologies ranging from cellular-based autonomous instruments to WiFi in hazardous areas to connected operator initiatives, Edge computing platforms, and expansive connectivity networks with integrated components that leverage LoRaWAN and LTE. Having consulted to Kuva Systems since Dec 2020 and getting a feel for the potential of the offer, Robert joined Kuva full-time in Oct 2022 as Vice President of Business Development where he is now focused on helping Oil & Gas Operators attain their ESG goals with a low-cost methane imaging camera that provides visual evidence of the leak origin so it can quickly be repaired as well as emissions quantifications.


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