Hart Energy Webinars: The API Monogram/APIQR Program Basics

More than 4,600 businesses in 80 countries - from small entrepreneurial firms to large multinational corporations - are authorized to use the API Monogram and APIQR marks.

The API Monogram/APIQR Program recognizes organizations that demonstrate the capability to manufacture products or provide services that conform to API standards and specifications, driving safety and sustainability across the natural gas and oil industry. An organization earns this recognition by establishing a quality management system that complies with API requirements and passing a rigorous API audit. Recognition by API includes the right to display or use one or more API certification marks provided the organization continues to meet program requirements.

The webinar will cover the following:

  • Mission and scope
  • Programs and certification marks
  • Program reach and significant specifications
  • Application and audit processes
  • Benefits to participating organizations

Meet the speaker:

  • Kevin Ferrick
    • Senior Director, API Monogram/APIQR Program, American Petroleum Institute (API)

    • Kevin Ferrick currently serves as Senior Director of the API Monogram/APIQR Program. Mr. Ferrick has held a variety of positions in his 30+ years at API and became Monogram/APIQR Director in October 2020.


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