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June 27, 2023 | Norris Centers | Houston, TX

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A Midstream Conundrum

Energy infrastructure has taken on an entirely new meaning as the industry takes on the dual challenges of maintaining and expanding existing energy operations to meet growing global demand.
The hurdles are immense: securing financing; navigating government regulations at the federal, state and local levels, and developing new technologies for storage and emission reduction.
It’s a complicated time to build a new oil or gas pipeline in the U.S. While the fossil fuel industry continues to see healthy demand and profits, construction costs are rising and stricter environmental regulations are on the horizon as pressure to transition to renewable energy grows.
Midstream companies are the critical link in the energy supply chain, but they are trapped between balancing the need to economically provide reliable throughput capacity with aging infrastructure and meeting emissions and safety targets. And, they face the need to increase energy security through the construction of more infrastructure but must do so in an environment full of regulatory and permitting hurdles and extremely vocal environmental activists’ opposition to new infrastructure.
The inaugural Hart Energy LIVE Energy Infrastructure and Technology Conference will focus on how midstream companies can make the most of their energy infrastructure to supply energy to global markets. Also, what they can do to thrive as demand grows, what new technologies are required and how the transition to renewable energy is putting downward pressure on the country’s existing infrastructure.

Keynote Topics

Join us in April when industry professions will discuss topics such as:

  • New Construction
  • LNG Facilities
  • Conversion of Existing Infrastructure
  • Energy Transmission
  • Supply Chain Issues
  • Renewable Energy Technology Requirements

Meet Our Speakers

You’ll hear from speakers representing the most active players, from the financial community to the producers’ C-suites.
Chris Kendall

President & CEO, Denbury Inc.

Brett Perlman

CEO and President, Center for Houston's Future

Samuel Rines

Managing Director, Corbu LLC

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Program Agenda Tuesday, June 27th
8:35 AM 

Opening Keynote


Samuel Rines, Managing Director, Corbu LLC 

9:00 AM

Geopolitical Macro Panel: What in the World...?

Volatility is no longer restricted to descriptions of oil and gas prices. A cloud of uncertainty hovers over energy security, food security, the direction of climate change action and numerous other zones of geopolitical tension. Addressing these macro challenges will provide a framework for the day’s topics of discussion.


Samuel Rines, Managing Director, Corbu LLC 

9:50 AM

Upstream to Midstream Infrastructure

The U.S. has assumed a position of energy provider to the world. These speakers will address moving that energy from the fields to export facilities, as well as the challenge of helping producers get their natural gas certified as neutral to satisfy LNG export customers’ demands, and the potential for growing exports to Mexico.


Chris Kendall,  President & CEO, Denbury Inc. 

10:15 AM
Networking Break

Adopting CCUS Technology

NOV has positioned itself as a leader in the evolution to low-carbon energy sources. Its CEO will
provide his vision for where the industry is headed and how it can get there.



11:10 AM

The Wild Wild West of Carbon Capture

CCUS. CCS. DAC. There seem to be as many ways to wrangle carbon as there are letters in the alphabet, including adding CCS to newbuild pipelines. Gain insight to help you define your own strategy in the clean energy era.

12:00 PM
Networking Break
1:05 PM

Capital, Regulatory and Environmental 

Corbin Robertson, chairman of the Carbon Neutral Coalition, will describe how his organization aims to guide the energy industry toward leading the way to carbon neutrality.


Corbin Robertson, Chairman, Carbon Neutral Coalition (invited)

1:30 PM

IRA Money Rush

The Inflation Reduction Act will provide huge amounts of funding for clean energy infrastructure. Find out how to get your share.

1:55 PM

Emerging Hydrogen Industry

How to harness the potential of an emerging industry with enormous economic impact, as well as managing costs in hydrogen pipeline retrofits or newbuilds.


Brett Perlman, CEO, Center for Houston's Future

2:45 PM

LNG Panel

3:30 PM
Networking Break
4:00 PM

Powering the Grid

What does the changing mix of feedstocks mean for the future of the electrical grid? Regulatory players offer their perspectives.


Victor Sauers, Founder & CEO, TKO Energy Capital

4:45 PM
Closing Reception
Laura Goldberg

Senior Vice President - Strategic InitiativesCenter for Houston's Future

Joe Markman

Senior Editor, DigitalHart Energy

Stacey Morris

Head of Energy ResearchVettaFi

Victor Sauers

President and Chief Executive OfficerTKO Energy Capital

Sean Strawbridge

Chief Executive OfficerPort of Corpus Christi

Michael Underhill

CEO and Chief Investment OfficerCapital Innovations

Cliff Vrielink

Global Energy LeaderSidley Austin