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Building the Next Generation of Infrastructure

April 12-13, 2023 | Houston, TX

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A Midstream Conundrum

Energy infrastructure has taken on an entirely new meaning as the industry takes on the dual challenges of maintaining and expanding existing energy operations to meet growing global demand.
The hurdles are immense: securing financing; navigating government regulations at the federal, state and local levels, and developing new technologies for storage and emission reduction.
It’s a complicated time to build a new oil or gas pipeline in the U.S. While the fossil fuel industry continues to see healthy demand and profits, construction costs are rising and stricter environmental regulations are on the horizon as pressure to transition to renewable energy grows.
Midstream companies are the critical link in the energy supply chain, but they are trapped between balancing the need to economically provide reliable throughput capacity with aging infrastructure and meeting emissions and safety targets. And, they face the need to increase energy security through the construction of more infrastructure but must do so in an environment full of regulatory and permitting hurdles and extremely vocal environmental activists’ opposition to new infrastructure.
The inaugural Hart Energy LIVE Energy Infrastructure and Technology Conference will focus on how midstream companies can make the most of their energy infrastructure to supply energy to global markets. Also, what they can do to thrive as demand grows, what new technologies are required and how the transition to renewable energy is putting downward pressure on the country’s existing infrastructure.

Keynote Topics

Join us in April when industry professions will discuss topics such as:

  • New Construction

  • LNG Facilities

  • Conversion of Existing Infrastructure

  • Energy Transmission

  • Supply Chain Issues

  • Renewable Energy Technology Requirements