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A Shifting Paradigm on ESG Investing

August 31, 2023 | Houston, TX | Hobby Center


About the Event

Amid a global supply crunch and climate challenges, a new era of ESG is upon us!

As evidence keeps mounting on the planet’s climate crisis, and with governments and the financial markets responding accordingly, demands on oil and gas companies have escalated in scope and sophistication. This calls for more detailed ESG reporting, more transparency on environmental impact, executive compensation tied to ESG metrics, and tangible steps toward a carbon-neutral future.

Oil and gas companies now face a challenging balancing act moving forward. There is a need to invest heavily in new fields while their traditional revenues and margins are under pressure. Some large businesses have already embarked on the transition: starting up new companies wholly focused on renewable energy and using solar power rather than conventional energy sources to power pipelines and compressor stations.

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