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Appalachian Basin Producers Are Poised To Become Energy Security Leaders

November 29-30, 2023 | Pittsburgh, PA | David L. Lawrence Convention Center

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About the Event

Concerns about U.S. energy security, global geopolitical crisis, inflation and emissions control put the Appalachian Basin’s abundant natural gas at the forefront of global energy solutions. Producers are ready to be problem solvers, but will regulators and investors allow Marcellus and Utica shale operators to respond?

Join industry leaders for a compelling agenda and phenomenal networking opportunities. Mingle with top executives from Chesapeake Energy, CNX Resources, EQT Corporation, ExxonMobil and more. 

Save the date and plan to join us for the DUG Appalachia Conference & Exhibition, November 29-30, 2023 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  

Key Topics to be Covered

Join us in November when industry leaders will discuss topics such as:

  • The World Market- Overview of Natgas Demand
  • M&A Outlook-What's Pending
  • Low-Carbon Power Generation
  • The Capital View
  • Shale Outlook
  • LNG Infrastructure

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Meet Our Speakers

You’ll hear from speakers representing the most active players, from the financial community to the producers’ C-suites.
Ryan Deaderick

Executive Vice President & COO, Greylock Energy

Jeff Eshelman

President & CEO, IPAA

Mike John

Founder, President & CEO, Northeast Natural Energy

John Johnston

Executive Vice President & Chief Development Officer, PennEnergy Resources LLC

L. Poe Leggette

Partner, BakerHostetler

Emily McClain

Vice President, Rystad Energy

Hardy Murchison

CEO, Encino Energy

Toby Z. Rice

President and Chief Executive Officer, EQT Corporation

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Day 1 Wednesday, November 29th
12:00 PM
1:00 PM
Welcome to THE DUG Appalachia CONfERENCE 2023
1:05 PM

The Appalachian Basin’s more than 35 Bcf/d alone has been the leading contributor to catapulting the U.S. into the world’s No. 1 natgas-supplier position, taking total U.S. production to 100 Bcf/d with some 20 Bcf/d of that going to allies abroad. And expectations are for pipe permitting to be unleashed, eventually un-stranding the full potential of the basin’s CH4 output to more than 60 Bcf/d. As that’s underway, basin leaders seek to continue to upgrade their best practices in managing for price volatility, growing export capacity and green-ing their gas as consumption sources seek greater firm supply and even U.S. economic and defense alliances are in play. The annual DUG Appalachia conference provides stakeholders with a playbook on overcoming both the tasks of today and those of decades to come.

1:10 PM

Sweet 16: The Marcellus 2023

Born in 2007, the Marcellus and Utica quickly ramped to today’s nearly 36 Bcf/d. But that’s still only just the beginning of what Appalachia has to offer. Regulators continue to have its potential on a short leash. Hear of takeaway and compression-enhancement work that continues to further un-strand the Appalachian Basin to eventually deliver the more than 60 Bcf/d that is possible.

1:40 PM

The Operators' Frac-Side Chat

Basin operators describe their success and plans for their acreage and what potential they have with further advancements in technology, higher natural gas prices and unconstrained takeaway.

2:25 PM
Networking Break
3:10 PM

Under Assault: Winning In-State And in D.C.

Intrastate and interstate unfriendly fire persists, while officials who do understand that natural gas and other energies sustain life on Earth are embattled against the false prophets and their indoctrinated followers, many of whom are in local, state and federal office. Lobbyists and other experts on energy’s role in America’s economic security and abroad in its peace-maker share their pro tips on how to win, mile by mile and Btu by Btu.

Jeff Eshelman, President & CEO, IPAA

3:40 PM

Methane Compliance: The Due Date is Near

New emissions rules that are part of the mis-nomered Inflation Reduction Act go into effect in just four weeks. Here’s a primer of federal methane taxation and regulations that industry members are working to address.

L. Poe Legette, Co-Head -- Energy Team, Baker & Hostetler LLP

4:20 PM 

CCUS, Carbon Offsets, Carbon-Lite, Hydrogen: Turning the CH4 into cH4

Operators are deploying all technology available—and promoting ongoing R&D of more tools—to turn Appalachia’s natgas into net-carbon-neutral Btu, with plans to use CCUS, while already gaining RSG certifications and developing carbon offsets. Alt-energy startups are deploying in-basin application for blue hydrogen. Learn more here about advancements.

5:00 PM
Networking reception 
Agenda Subject to Change
Day 2 Thursday, November 30th

Subject to change

7:00 AM
8:30 AM
Welcome to THE DUG Appalachia CONfERENCE 2023
8:40 AM

Toby Rice Keynote: From Appalachia to the World: The Natural Gas

“Natural gas is the biggest green initiative on the planet. This is going to bring peace to the world,” says Toby Rice, president and CEO of the largest U.S. independent gas producer, EQT Corp. Here he describes Appalachia’s potential and the further advancements to come.

Toby Z. Rice, President and Chief Executive Officer, EQT Corporation


Well Tech logo

9:10 AM

The View from Near and Far: U.S. and Global NatGas Demand

The Marcellus code was cracked in 2007. From there, the Appalachian Basin has grown into the world’s greatest gas field. And this is while choked back to 35 Bcf/d by takeaway constraints. Here’s the assessment of how it has changed U.S. and global hydrocarbon-omics and, with constraints unlocked, why it could further displace allies’ and potential allies’ unfriendly sources of Btu.

9:40 AM

The Massive Gas Call: LNG and the 35 Bcf/d Growth, 2024-2027

The Marcellus code was cracked in 2007. From there, the Appalachian Basin has grown into the world’s greatest gas field. And this is while choked back to 35 Bcf/d by takeaway constraints. Here’s the assessment of how it has changed U.S. and global hydrocarbon-omics and, with constraints unlocked, why it could further displace allies’ and potential allies’ unfriendly sources of Btu.

Emily McClain, Vice President, Rystad Energy

10:00 AM

Midstream: The Big Dig and What MVP Will and Won't Do For The Basin

As the last 20 miles of Mountain Valley Pipeline are underway, another 2 Bcf/d of Marcellus and Utica natgas will be unlocked. Here are the details on the additional big pipe awaiting approval and the outlook for when these miles will get the nod. And what will MVP do or not do to move more gas out of the basin?

10:30 AM
Networking Break
11:10 AM

Making the Utica New Again: Playing the Phase Fairways

Operators are having great success in the mature-oil phase of the three-phase Ordovician Utica, the oldest deposition of North America’s major resource plays. Here’s the latest on results there as well as in the wet-gas window.

Hardy Murchison,  CEO, Encino Energy


Well Tech logo

11:55 AM

Surfacing More of the Buried Gas Treasure

D&C and pad automation, frac enhancements, longer laterals, emissions reductions, spacing recipes, ROI and other best practices and outlooks are shared here. 

12:30 PM
Networking Lunch
1:40 PM

The Producers: Appalachian Economics and the Next-Gen Recipe

Leading producers describe their latest well results, field cost inflation, capacity constraints, emissions mitigation and access to capital as they work to convert molecules into dollars.

Jose Chirinos, Development Planning Manager, Repsol
Ryan Deaderick, Executive Vice President & COO, Greylock Energy
Mike John, Founder, President & CEO, Northeast Natural Energy
John Johnston, Executive Vice President & Chief Development Officer, PennEnergy Resources

2:50 PM

The M&A: The Bid/Ask for the Appalachian Prize

Deal-making continues, while the bid/ask has seen wild swings since February of 2022 as futures have ranged from $3 to $10 back to $3. Here’s a look at today’s price for Appalachian and other basin’s reserves. And what’s the sweet price spot for the money behind those seeking more of the gas prize?

2:50 PM

The Money Wants More For Less

Size matters, including liquidity in trading. And it’s the era of the $10-billion-EV operator. Debt to ebitda is in lockdown. Preferred used to be 1.5x. Now the maximum is less than 1.0x. Shareholders have been in an uproar over even a 0.1x increase in the metric. Hear about what’s in bounds and what’s out of bounds today.

3:40 PM
Networking Break
4:10 PM

The Big Bifurcation: Huge Versus Small

Smaller operators and startups-to-be are seeing exit opportunities to well-endowed operators. But efforts by small-caps and midcaps with long-life inventory are struggling against the uber-moneyed largest caps and international operators. Spend on emissions compliance and ESG is further fracturing the industry. Learn more here.


More, Please: Meet the Consumers

Industrial, small business and other users of natural gas want more. And powergen that’s seeking to quit coal is finding it hard to get access to natgas, including within and near the Appalachian Basin, one of the world’s largest gas fields. Hear from them.

5:00 PM
conference adjourns
Agenda Subject to Change
Nissa Darbonne

Executive Editor-at-LargeHart Energy

Jeff Eshelman

President & CEOIPAA

Franc James

Chairman & CEOPenn America Energy

Poe Leggette

Co-Head of the Energy TeamBaker Hostetler

Emily McClain

Vice President - North America Gas MarketsRystad Energy

Jay Salitza

Managing DirectorKeyBanc Capital Markets

Ray Walker


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