For several years now, the Permian basin has been considered the most significant shale field in the United States. While the blistering pace of drilling and output growth has slowed down of late under investor demand to focus on enhancing returns, the region is by far the primary driver of production growth across North America.

With drilling production numbers on a consistent rise, the biggest increase is forecast in the Permian Basin of Texas and New Mexico, where production is set to climb by 71,000 barrels per day to a record of about 4.485 million barrels per day. The ever-improving pipeline infrastructure, allowing more regional oil to find its way to the global market, should improve the Permian's long-term production potential even further.

Recognizing the industry's current production challenges, imminent priorities and evolving technology requirements, American Business Conferences' Annual Permian Basin Artificial Lift & Production Optimization conference returns to Houston in February, with an agenda that has been extensively researched and redeveloped to assess production optimization strategies and well reliability techniques & technologies that have been adjusted over the last 12 months to achieve better equipment run time, drawdown rates and production efficiencies.