The 2021 Machine Learning in Oil & Gas Conference will showcase how Oil and Gas leaders are now deploying Machine Learning and AI models at scale, with the 6th iteration of this renowned event focusing on how early adopters can gain an edge - at the expense of slower moving competitors.

This is a rare opportunity to discover how exciting new technologies can be applied into practical and profitable Machine Learning that you can implement in your company today.

Attend Machine Learning in Oil and Gas to:

  • Learn how the top oil and gas producers are using ML and data to solve business challenges
  • Benefit from interactive discussions and the opportunity to problem-solve with data scientists
  • Understand how to use deep neural networks for image recognition, NLP and text-based sentiment analysis
  • Rethink company strategies in the age of AI and Machine Learning
  • Take predictive analytics to the next level - strategies for adding AI to your analytics toolbox
  • Learn from 30+ industry experts