Schlumberger - NOV - digital - drilling

A Shared Vision for the Future of Drilling

NOV and Schlumberger team up to help operators by integrating cloud solutions.

XRI water management

Recycling Produced Water in Completed Development Areas

An operator increases produced water recycling and reduces produced water injection via water midstream infrastructure in Midland County.


Chart: Gulf Coast Rig Count as of July 30, 2021

Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas RRC Dist. 1, 2, 3, 4., 5, 6, inland, offshore


Chart: Western Rig Count as of July 30, 2021

California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Utah and Wyoming


Chart: Midcontinent, Permian Basin Rig Count as of July 30, 2021

Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas Dist. 7B, 7C, 8, 8A, 9, 10

Welltec Well Tractor

Wireline-deployed Milling Services Enlarge a Tubing Hanger in Deepwater Congo

A case study details how a company enlarged a hardened tubing hanger while also preserving its mechanical integrity. 

GECF - Yury Sentyurin

Opinion: Future of Energy Wider than Technology Hype

Without a fair energy transition, the world risks leaving many communities behind and that is unacceptable.

digital drilling - E&P - Baker Hughes - Saudi Aramco

Digital Drilling: Taking Remote Solutions to the Next Level

In a landmark project, Baker Hughes delivered data management and insights across Saudi Aramco’s entire drilling fleet, making it the largest deployment in Baker Hughes’ history.

E&P International Drilling Highlights

E&P International Highlights (Week of July 26, 2021)

Check out these E&P and drilling activity highlights from around the world.

E&P On the Move

On the Move (Week of July 26, 2021)

New hires, promotions and appointments continue to fuel the industry's workforce.

EarthNET seismic

AI and Ultralong Offsets Updating the Story of Utsira OBN

Earth Science Analytics and TGS have combined the power of machine learning and historical data with the modern Utsira OBN survey.

Gyrodata MWD drilling E&P -

Trying Something New: Using Exclusively Gyro Technology for Wellbore Surveys in Crowded Pad Drilling

In a case study, a solid-state GWD replaced MWD as a definitive surveying system while improving wellbore placement in Latin America.

ESG Solutions/Deep Imaging

Better Together: Bring a Toolbox, Not Just a Screwdriver

The industry is saturated with terms like machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), which are expected to solve any problem that might arise. These are powerful tools, but in the same way a power drill cannot build a deck, ML or AI alone will not be enough to build a larger solution to deeper industry issues. Materials, blueprints and builders are still necessary.

Matidor - field development - E&P

Visualization Platforms Create a New Look for Field Services Project Management

Interactive tool gives companies total visibility over their entire operation portfolio on a map, which can be zoomed in at any time for a specific project's site layout, tasks, budgets, expenses, files and historical activities.

E&P well performance

Opinion: Seven Factors that Improve Well Delivery Performance

Major performance improvements are driven from a wholistic approach: decreased cycle times, improved forecasting of costs and production, more efficient use of capital, the ability to rapidly reconfigure operations in response to recommendations from subsurface and/or planning, alignment of all aspects of operations, and the enhanced ability to meet organizational targets.

P&A oil and gas wells

Opinion: Industry Increases Its Focus on Abandonment of Old Wells

Unlike fine wine, inactive oil and gas wells don’t get better with age.

SparkCognition - Machine Learning

Securing the Energy Ecosystem through AI-driven Applications

Integrating AI into the energy landscape will build the smart infrastructure needed to combat cyber threats and delayed operations, says SparkCognition CEO Amir Husain.

Lloyd's Register E&P subsurface data

Reading Between the Lines of Subsurface Data

New subsurface software developments are helping operators create higher resolution between well correlations.

E&P International Highlights

E&P International Highlights (Week of July 19, 2021)

Check out these E&P and drilling activity highlights from around the world.

E&P On the Move

On the Move (Week of July 19, 2021)

New hires, promotions and appointments continue to fuel the industry's workforce.

E&P Tech Trends - upstream technology - oil gas

Tech Trends (Week of July 19, 2021)

This weekly section highlights the latest upstream technologies designed to improve efficiencies. - Applied Petroleum Technology - drilling

Geochemistry Workflow Provides Understanding of Drainage Networks in Unconventional Plays, Maximizes ROI

A new methodology has been designed to provide detailed drainage and production definition without operational interference. 

NewKota Gorilla Jack

Artificial Lift: Changing How We Think About Well Interventions

Utilizing the Gorilla Jack hydraulic table, downtime for each well was negated by upward of three weeks for a major operator in the Williston Basin.

FourPhase sand management FreezeFrames/Shutterstock

Using Desanding Data in Intervention to Deliver Solid Profits

Sand production has long been considered a problematic solution in solids management. However, leveraging desanding data can turn solids management into a profitable opportunity.

TCP Strohm Offshore Pipeline Angola

Tackling the Issue of Pipeline Corrosion

The effects of corrosion can contribute between 3.5% and 5.2% of global GDP (i.e., between $285 billion and $439 billion annually on a global basis, calculated for 2020 GDP figures of $84.54 trillion U.S. dollars).

Ian Palmer EU US renewables oil gas

EU versus US: Investing in Oil, Gas and Renewables

How the EU and U.S. invest in oil, gas and renewables is leading the powerhouse nations toward starkly different futures.

Midland TX - Permian Basin - G B Hart/

Permian Tech Talk

In this roundtable, Baker Hughes, NOV and TGS experts share their insights on latest technology innovations and happenings in the Permian Basin. 

Ikon Science

Exploration: Leveraging Digitalization to Maximize Results in the Field

The ability to seamlessly access data regardless of where data reside empowers companies to identify previously missed zones of pay, accurately predict and plan for negative drilling events before they occur, correctly forecast pore pressure and generate multiple what-if scenarios to understand an activity’s impact on a reservoir.

Enteq Upstream - directional drilling

Enteq Upstream SME Shares Insights on Future of Directional Drilling

"There is ample room for an alternative to traditional RSS tools without having to rip up the rulebook and start again," according to Enteq's Neil Bird.

Cold Bore Technology - fracturing - digitalization

How Digitization Can Reduce Hydraulic Fracturing’s Environmental Impact

The digitization of well completions can help operators understand their emissions profile and optimize operations.

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