Brazil mature oil fields

Hidden Opportunities in Brazil’s Mature Fields

Operators overlooking the potential in mature fields could be missing out on increased returns and productivity, according to Brazil’s top operators.

hydraulic fracturing

Pushing the Envelope with Hydraulic Fracturing Diagnostics

Operators are putting a stronger emphasis on diagnostics of their hydraulic fracturing operations to make improvements and stay competitive.

McKinsey energy transition OFSE

Top Five Market Shifts and Their Implications for OFSE Sector

There are fundamental market shifts and implications—but more importantly, strategies—for oilfield services and equipment companies confronting the energy transition.

carbon capture and storage

Value of Geoscience for Carbon Capture, Storage and Utilization

By capitalizing on the latest technology advances and the integration of multidisciplinary skills and data, geoscience has a critical role to play in de-risking for CCUS development.

oil and gas executives in the boardroom

Opinion: Attracting the Oil and Gas Exec of the Future Requires Industry Transformation

Analyzing the relationship between executives within the oil and gas and technology sectors is crucial so a new pipeline of talent can be formed and the skills gap can be avoided.

OCTG Hunting

Hunting and Jindal Partner to Break into Global OCTG Market

New OCTG offerings will provide companies in the U.S. and beyond with some long-awaited options.

advanced rig scheduling software

Operator Solutions: Getting Organized through Advanced Scheduling Systems

Operators can drastically improve their productivity in well delivery performance by switching to an advanced scheduling system.

E&P Case Study: Improving Cementing Operations in North Sea Wells

E&P Case Study: Improving Cementing Operations in North Sea Wells

Here’s how the Baker Hughes SealBond LT Spacer System is enhancing wellbore stability and improving cementing operations for North Sea E&P operators.

Revitalizing Bakken Production with Bio-based Technology

Revitalizing Bakken Production with Bio-based Technology

Through a recent partnership between Creedence and Locus BE, operators in the Bakken now have access to a novel, ESG-friendly technology to sustainably increase oil production.

Shale 2022 Outlook: Frac Efficiencies Continues to Help Drive Down Costs

Shale 2022 Completion Tech: Frac Efficiencies Continue to Help Drive Down Costs

Major oilfield service companies continue to push out leading-edge technologies in U.S. shale. Here’s a roundup of the latest advancements for the year ahead.

Evolution Well Services

Evolution Well Services Partners with Permian Leader on New Frac Technology

The electric fracturing technology will be fueled by 100% natural gas via aero-derivative turbines rather than conventional fleets that rely on diesel engines.


Tackling the New Cyber Threats to the Oil and Gas Industry

DNV and Applied Risk have merged to help companies increase cybersecurity and protect against online threats.

production logging

Improving Well Integrity and Optimizing Production with In-house Cased-hole Data Analysis

An interactive petrophysics software for cased-hole analytics features a set of modules covering all key areas: cement evaluation, production logging, casing inspection and pulsed neutron analysis. 


Top 3 Hurdles the UK Must Overcome to Meet Its 2030 CCS Target

It’s time to get serious about carbon capture and storage. There are significant barriers to overcome before the U.K.'s 10 MtCO2 per year target starts to look achievable. Aquaterra Energy identifies the three hurdles that must be overcome—and soon.


Chart: Eastern Rig Count as of January 7, 2022

Alabama. Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia


Chart: Western Rig Count as of January 7, 2022

California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Utah and Wyoming


Chart: Gulf Coast Rig Count as of January 7, 2022

Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas RRC Dist. 1, 2, 3, 4., 5, 6, inland, offshore


Chart: Midcontinent, Permian Basin Rig Count as of January 7, 2022

Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas Dist. 7B, 7C, 8, 8A, 9, 10

North Star Group - offshore wind

New Renewable Fleet of Greener Service Operation Vessels Meets Offshore Wind Demand

North Star, the operator of Britain’s largest fleet of ships serving the oil and gas industry, is diversifying into renewable energy with a multimillion-pound investment with its first three service operation vessels.

Yellowstone caldera horizontal drilling

Opinion: Yellowstone Needs Saving and Horizontal Drilling May Be the Answer

Advanced drilling techniques could prevent a caldera explosion and unleash carbon-free geothermal energy for millennia.

Intelligent Wellhead Systems, inVision

Digital Completion Technology Improves Frac Safety and Reliability

A technology platform enhances completion safety and reliability.

AI Driller

Drilling Optimization: Remote Operations Done Right

A four-step protocol with case study showcases successful remote operations and drilling optimization.

Earth Science Analytics

Cutting Down Risk of Oil and Gas Exploration by Releasing Potential in Dormant Data

The digitalization of samples of oil and gas cuttings will enable the geoscience community to get a broader picture of the subsurface.

Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure

Opinion: How the Oil and Gas Industry Can Minimize Its Footprint

Better incident and performance data will help chart a path to efficient investment in equipment, materials and training best suited to avoid the known root causes of pipeline and wellpad breakdowns.

Shale 2022: A New Era

Shale 2022: A New Era

The unconventional oil and gas industry enters a new era of disciplined growth and responsible sourcing.

Pressure Pumping Advancements That Make a Difference

Pressure Pumping Advancements That Make a Difference

Here are a few of the latest frac technologies helping shale producers realize even greater efficiencies and cost savings in the oil patch.

Embracing Energy Transition Challenges in R&D

Embracing Energy Transition Challenges in R&D

Experts from Exxon Mobil, Saudi Aramco, Schlumberger and more discuss solutions to the ever-present challenges of the energy transition.

E&P Tech Trends

Tech Trends (Week of Dec. 20, 2021)

This weekly section highlights the latest upstream technologies designed to improve efficiencies.

E&P On the Move

On the Move (Week of Dec. 20, 2021)

New hires, promotions and appointments continue to fuel the industry's workforce.

International Highlights Map

International Highlights (Week of Dec. 20, 2021)

Check out these E&P and drilling activity highlights from around the world.

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