Energy data companies TGS and PetroAI announced a partnership to provide E&Ps access to TGS’ licensed subsurface, production and well data via the PetroAI platform, according to a June 18 press release.

PetroAI will use the data—which allows for “accurately” quantified exploration and development trade-offs—to create on-demand Earth AI models to predict well performance and design sensitivities for proved developed producing and proved undeveloped wells at county or basin levels, the release stated.

The models adapt to varying reservoir qualities, well-to-well interactions and completion designs. TGS added that subsurface-informed AI models can also be used to create well performance heat maps.

"Through our partnership with PetroAI, operators can leverage TGS' extensive engineering and geologic data library to rapidly develop AI models that predict well performance,” said Carl Neuhaus, vice president of onshore products at TGS.