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Editor's note: This "Tech Trends" section appears in the new E&P newsletter. This weekly section highlights the latest upstream technologies and services for the oil and gas industry. The copy herein is compiled from press releases and product announcements from service companies and does not reflect the opinions of Hart Energy. Submit your company’s updates related to new technology products and services to Ariana Hurtado at to the E&P newsletter here.

New ultrasound method for fire-fighting foam tests 

DNV has issued a verification statement allowing Survitec to use its fire foam testing process onboard maritime vessels or offshore structures. Survitec’s new Produced Foam Live Test method uses ultrasound technology to verify the effectiveness of fire-fighting foam, according to the mandatory requirements set out in IMO MSC.1/Circ.1432 9.2.4. The ruling applies to any vessel or offshore structure that has a deck foam system, a high-expansion foam system (engine room) or heli-deck foam system. Foam proportioners or other mixing devices need to be tested every five years to confirm that the mixing ratio is within +30% to -10% of the nominal mixing ratio defined by the manufacturer. However, while ultrasonic flowmeters are commonly used to measure fluid flow in pipework, it is thought to be the first time ultrasound technology has been used to quantify the exact water/foam ratio. Two ultrasonic flowmeters are used to compare both values. Unlike existing techniques, the Survitec method allows testing to be performed while the vessel is berthed alongside, without having to discharge any foam overboard or send samples to testing laboratories. Current test methodologies have to run the fire-fighting system with foam for at least two minutes, so there is a heavy consumption of costly concentrate often resulting in the need to replace the entire tank volume. The produced foam is discharged overboard. Survitec’s Produced Foam Live Test does not need to use the concentrate or produce foam in the test, using only seawater, which is more environmentally friendly than alternative solutions. Samples also have to be sent to a service station for testing. If the sample fails, then the foam proportioner has to be adjusted and the process has to be repeated, which makes other available solutions more costly and time-consuming compared with Survitec’s new test process.

The Edge Controller supports e!COCKPIT
runtime for industrial control and visualizations via onboard HTML-5 web server and industrial protocols such as MODBUS, Ethernet/IP adapter, EtherCAT and BACnet, and Industrial Internet of Things protocols such as MQTT, OPC UA and Sparkplug are also supported. (Source: WAGO)

Device designed to optimize network computing 

WAGO is combining the advantages of decentralized cloud computing with local control networks with its new Edge Controller and Edge Computer. These devices for edge of network computing provide low latency control and simplified connection with cloud-based services providing multiple interfaces for connection to field devices and monitors. The Edge Controller is ideal for edge of network applications where deterministic PLC control can be combined with machine learning, data aggregation, cloud services, predictive maintenance and other analytic algorithms. It allows users to run high-speed and complex applications with its quad-core processor as well as applications through docker containers with its Linux-based real-time operating system.

Metering platform provides insight into power quality and energy performance on any site

The EnergyX Portable unit offers integrated secure cellular connectivity or onboard logging when cell is not available. (Source: AZZO)

AZZO has released its EnergyX Portable metering platform. The cloud-connected portable meter and software platform provides insight into both power quality and energy performance on any site. With secure, built-in cellular connectivity and QR code activation, live data and visualizations are provided within minutes of connecting. EnergyX Portable delivers insights for customers to establish actions needed to achieve good return on investment. Where most portable meters are designed around hardware only, EnergyX Portable is a complete hardware and software platform designed around customer business needs. The platform takes advantage of AZZO's EnergyX Internet of Things cloud platform to deliver insights and recommendations typically found only in enterprise energy and power management systems. EnergyX Portable gives users access to a wide range of applications including high-speed monitoring and analysis of harmonics, power factor, disturbances including direction detection, power quality standard compliance, in-rush currents as well as energy bill verification and demand management planning.