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Editor's note: This "Tech Trends" section appears in the new E&P newsletter. This weekly section highlights the latest upstream technologies and services for the oil and gas industry. The copy herein is compiled from press releases and product announcements from service companies and does not reflect the opinions of Hart Energy. Submit your company’s updates related to new technology products and services to Ariana Hurtado at to the E&P newsletter here.

Seneca Resources and NexTier to collaborate on comprehensive emissions testing for well completion operations

Seneca Resources Co. LLC, the E&P segment of National Fuel Gas Co., and NexTier Oilfield Solutions Inc. announced their intent to pioneer an innovative study evaluating the carbon emissions generated by various types of equipment commonly used for hydraulic fracturing of oil and natural gas wells. The results of this study are expected to provide the industry with a comparative insight on the emissions profile of these technologies, including those utilizing Tier 2 diesel and dynamic gas blending (DGB) engines, Tier 4 diesel and DGB engines, natural gas-powered turbine engines, and electric frac equipment powered by natural gas-fueled reciprocating engines. This carbon emissions assessment is expected to be the most comprehensive testing of real-time well stimulation operations performed within the industry to date, with independent third-party testing to be performed for each of these technologies during Seneca’s field operations. The planned emissions testing will follow EPA-recommended procedures, with the equipment and completions solutions to be operated by NexTier.

Gardner Denver
(Source: Gardner Denver)

Gardner Denver launches new 1,000 gal/min, lightweight GD 800HDD pump for horizontal directional drilling market

Gardner Denver High Pressure Solutions (GD) has expanded its suite of pump offerings for the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) market with its new GD 800HDD pump. The American-made pump features an extremely high flow rate of more than 1,000 gal/min, making it suitable for the most demanding HDD projects. Its lightweight eases transportation between work sites and its extremely high rod load rating of 53,000 lb ensures the pump is tough and long lasting. The pump is also designed to operate at a slow run speed, delivering the same output, flow and pressure as faster pumps with less violent actions, wear and friction. By delivering fewer strokes, consumable life is extended.

EDP, TechnipFMC and partners join forces to develop a concept study for green hydrogen production from offshore wind power

EDP, TechnipFMC and other research partners are joining forces to develop a conceptual engineering and economic feasibility study for a new offshore system for green hydrogen production from offshore wind power called the BEHYOND project. The study will include integration of equipment for the production and conditioning of green hydrogen and infrastructure that allows for its transportation to the coast. The goal is to create a concept that can be standardized and implemented worldwide, allowing large-scale hydrogen production. BEHYOND brings together global players in energy, EDP and TechnipFMC, with the CEiiA research center—Center for Engineering and Development, WavEC Offshore Renewables and the University of South-Eastern Norway. The joint development will allow the consortium partners to position themselves in the hydrogen value chain, developing new business models and creating engineering solutions, new products and services for the hydrogen sector worldwide. This consortium will strengthen cooperation between Portugal and Norway and increase Portugal's competitiveness in the growth of the “blue economy.”

The BEHYOND project was selected for support by the Blue Growth Programme of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism. EDP, through the participation of EDP NEW and EDP Inovação, is the project coordinator and the entity responsible for the implementation of several phases, namely the strategic evaluation of the offshore wind-to-hydrogen market, the definition of viable business cases and the technology roadmap to reach commercial maturity.