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Editor's note: This "Tech Trends" section appears in the new E&P newsletter. This weekly section highlights the latest upstream technologies and services for the oil and gas industry. The copy herein is compiled from press releases and product announcements from service companies and does not reflect the opinions of Hart Energy. Submit your company’s updates related to new technology products and services to Ariana Hurtado at

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Chemical optimization logic allows users to take control of chemical injection programs

ChampionX has released iChem chemical optimization logic that helps operators automate and remotely control their chemical injection systems. This ensures effective and efficient chemical injection while also reducing costs, lowering HSE risks and improving ESG performance. It allows operators to set up user-defined alarms, such as sending a notification if a chemical pump loses power so immediate action can be taken. This also cuts down on time spent on the road and people at the well site, decreasing overall carbon footprint and HSE risks.

New online viewer platform for accessing and reviewing 3D data files

The Viewport View brings customers closer to their 3D data, regardless of the format or who collected it. (Source: Viewport3)

Viewport3, a 3D scanning specialist, has developed a new online viewer platform for reviewing 3D data files. Viewport View is designed to offer simple, user-friendly access to 3D data files, without the requirement for any specialist hardware, training or installation. It brings 3D data to life and bridges the understanding gap for non-technical personnel in a way that a stack of 2D drawings simply cannot. It’s intended for use across organizations, facilitating cross-discipline collaboration and inclusive conversations. As a web-based platform, it operates on any office-standard PC or laptop without any software being installed and can be accessed from anywhere. Using the platform helps increase the awareness and understanding of personnel manipulating and using the 3D data, which adds value to HSE planning, site awareness and risk assessment meetings. It is already in demand for pre-dive meetings as a critical aid to understanding the work site before heading offshore. Viewport View also allows regulators and stakeholders to review assets and structural integrity issues, inspection results and take measurements directly from the tool. The Viewport View is applicable across any number of industries. It can be used as a virtual worksite induction tool, before arriving at a remote worksite and as a virtual training base for complex equipment.

Precision orifice plate wellhead upgraded for more accurate flow measurement

Q.E.D. Environmental Systems
Q.E.D.’s ORP215M-R precision orifice plate wellhead keeps plates readily at hand, making it easier to keep gas fields properly tuned for the best performance. (Source: Q.E.D. Environmental Systems)

Q.E.D. Environmental Systems Inc. has upgraded its ORP215M-R precision orifice plate wellhead. It combines easy plate exchanges for more accurate flow measurement with precise adjustment of gas flow, especially at very low rates (below 10 scf/min). The design includes a complete kit of six orifice plates securely attached to the wellhead for quick access. A permanent stainless-steel S-type orifice plate retainer keeps the plates close and helps prevent loss of the orifice plates. The wellhead allows operators to have the exact orifice plate for efficient tuning right at hand. Changing to the correct orifice plate takes only seconds, with no time wasted shutting down the control valve or retuning the well. The precision fine tune control valve provides exact gas flow control. Unlike traditional valves, this design achieves near linear flow adjustment across its entire range. The serviceable control valve includes a stainless-steel rod for long service life. The QED ORP215M-R wellhead features heavy-duty engineered plastic construction that is tougher and stronger than PVC. Molded, glass-filled polypropylene boosts strength and resistance to UV, weather and harsh field conditions, significantly increasing wellhead durability.