Everything ages and eventually stops functioning due to that age or deterioration. But what if there was a technology that forecasted how something ages, mapping out the life of an asset, allowing for necessary changes to assist in its preservation?

Corrosion is something that happens to every asset in the oil field, but Brazilian startup Vidya Technology has a new Digital Fabric Maintenance solution focused on asset integrity and performance management, allowing them to use artificial intelligence, digital twin technology and reality capture technology to transform data, images and reports into real and scalable results for monitoring, inspection and maintenance of an industrial asset.

Through one year of application, the Digital Fabric Maintenance saved $965,000 for an FPSO requiring fewer people on board and detecting 254% more corrosion anomalies than the usual approach. Vidya lessened the number of days spent from inspection to coating maintenance planning from 172 to 49, while also achieving better results.

Currently, Vidya’s Digital Fabric Maintenance is implemented on MODEC, Equinor, Petrobras, SLB and others, and they're looking to bring the solution to the U.S.

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